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It was late at night but the light was on in Ted’s room. When I _________COME_________ in, he didn’t even turn to me. I looked at his monitor and realized that he ________SURF__________ the Internet for job vacancies.
“Why do you need a job?” I asked. “You _________EMPLOY_________ by Mr. Green only a week ago as far as I remember.”
“Yes, I was. I got a job of a waiter in his restaurant. But I _________LOSE_________ that job already. They said I was rude to a client.”
“Were you?” I was surprised since Ted was the _________PATIENT_________ and tolerant person I’d ever met.
“Yes, it was probably rude of ________I__________ to tell those ladies that I wouldn’t bring them anything else. Just imagine – they had changed their order three times! Each time they tried a dish, they _________NOT/LIKE_________ it. When they said that for the _________FOUR_________ time, I lost control. One of the _________WOMAN_________ called for the manager and complained.” Ted nervously turned back to his computer. “I didn’t like that job anyway.”
It was an early morning. Ben jumped out of his bed as soon as the _________ONE_________ rays of sun came into the room. He grabbed his backpack and started to pack. Ben put in some of his favourite things to take with ________HE__________ on the trip to Grandpa’s. He put in his favourite book, his kite and his teddy bear. Soon everything _________PACK_________ and he started to get dressed. Visiting Grandpa had always been the ________GOOD__________ part of his summer vacation. Together, they went fishing and watched football matches. Ben’s granddad _________TEACH_________ him how to repair bikes and other things. Ben’s mum entered his room.
“Grandpa’s here,” she said with a smile. Ben told her that he _________BE_________ ready to go. He grabbed his backpack and ran into the kitchen where Grandpa _________DRINK_________ his tea.
“Ready, big guy?” asked Grandpa. “Will you have breakfast before we leave?”
“No, I ________NOT/BE__________ hungry”, Ben answered, “I’ll have breakfast at your place. Grandma ________COOK__________ something nice for me, hasn’t she?”
Michael could not imagine his life without computers. His parents ________BUY__________ him his first computer at the age of seven. It took _________HE_________ several days to learn how to use it. His mum said that the younger people were, the _________FAST_________ they could learn computer skills. That was probably true – most ________CHILD__________ in Michael’s class were very competent computer users. Michael was really surprised to find out that the first personal computer _________INVENT_________ in the 70’s of the last century.
“And how did you chat or send your e-mails without computers?” he asked his mother.
She smiled: “We _________NOT/SEND_________ each other e-mails. And there were no networks.”
She also said that it _________BE_________ fun to communicate face-to-face, to play out-of-doors and to visit friends’ homes.
“But if there _________BE_________ no computers, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my friends who live far away from me,” Michael replied.
“True. Technological progress is a great thing,” his mother said “And I think people _________CREATE_________ even more amazing communication devices in the near future.”

__CaME__ __was SURFing_ _were EMPLOYed_ _ have LOSt_ _most PATIENT_ __me__ _did NOT LIKE__ _FOURth__WOMeN_ _first_ _Him_ _ was PACKed_ _best_ _Taught_ _was_ _was DRINKing_ _am NOT_ _has COOKed_ _Bought_ _Him_ _FASTer_ _CHILDren_ _was INVENTed_ did NOT SEND_ _was_ _werE_ _will CREATE_

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She also said that it _________BE_________ fun to communicate face-to-face - здесь будет не was, а had been, так как это косвенная речь и говорится о прошлом

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