I. Choose the correct item.
1. Share prices usually … on a daily basis.
a) are changing b) change
2. We … a completely new product during the launch period. a) will be promoting b) will promote
3. Individuals usually … taxes twice a year.
a) doesn’t pay b) pays c) pay
II. In each group of words choose the odd one.
1. a. equality b. provision c. distribution d. allocation
2. a. common b. rate c. scarce d. lacking
3. a. informed b. literate c. educated d. intelligent
4. a. gentle b. fierce c. brutal d. rude
5. a. range b. width c. length d. height
6. a. explore b. study c. analyze d. assess
7. a. overriding b. major c. capital d. prior
8. a. make b. affect c. influence d. control
9. a. trade off b. alternation c. variant d. option
10. a. harm b. damage c. loss d. evil
III. Complete the sentences (1-10) with the most suitable preposition (a-j):a) to b) out of c)on d)for e)at f) in g) with h) of i) to j) from.
1. Nine _______ten ventures won`t make any return.
2. The location of a business is an important factor _______ its growth.
3. Employers offer jobs _______people with the right qualifications and experience.
4. A good employee always arrives _______ time.
5. We always insist on payment _______ advance.
6. Can you deal ________ this report in time for the meeting?
7. I bought this computer ______ the start of the summer.
8. He signed the documents on behalf _______ his company.
9. She retired _______ the firm at the age of sixty.
10. With reference ________ your order, we apologize for the delay.
IV. КОПРы: Simple, Continuous (Progressive), Perfect. Complete the sentences (1-6) with the appropriate forms of the verbs (a-f): a)works b) has cut c) is changing d) saw e)am writing f) employs.
1. The factory ______600 people.
2. At the moment __________ this entry to the guide.
3. Our secretary _________ very hard.
4. The company _______currently ________to a new accounting system.
5. Five years ago, we ________ big increases in the price of oil.
6. In recent years, Cookwel _________ its workforce by 5,000.
V. Make the adjectives or adverbs in the box comparative. Then complete the sentences.
a) good b) much c) fast
1. You may not have to stay in a job that you don`t like: it may be …….to look for a new job.
2. In some market structures, companies have ………control over price.
3. Efficient economy grows ………and everyone in society benefits.

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