Прочитай отрывок из книги «Путешествие Карен на самолёте» (Karen’s Plane Trip by Ann M. Martin). Выполни задание после текста.
Granny told Grandpa that I wanted to go to town. This is what Grandpa said: “I think that’s a fine idea. I want to buy some things there.”
“Let’s go tomorrow, then,” Granny said.
“Great!” I said.
On Friday we got up early and fed the animals. Then we had breakfast and went to town in Grandpa’s car. When we came to town, Granny said:
“Here’s the town, Karen.”
“Where?” I asked.
“Right here. There’s the shop and there’s the bank and there’s the restaurant, and there’s the bus station,” said Grandpa.
“Is this a town?” I thought.
“Is your home town bigger?” asked Granny.
“Yes,” I said.
“Where’s the cafe? Where’s the video shop? Where’s the swimming pool? Where’s the toy shop? Where’s the pet shop?” I thought.
But I liked the shop. It looked small, but there were a lot of things in it! You could buy clothes, shoes, food, toys, school bags, books, and other things.
“Hi, Greta,” said Granny to a woman in the shop.
“This is my granddaughter. This is Karen. She’s seven.”
“Karen! Nice to meet you,” said Greta.Then she helped me to choose a T-shirt, trousers, and a hat. When we bought them, Grandpa said, “How about lunch, Karen?”
“In the restaurant? That’s great!” I said, and we walked to the small restaurant.
(after Ann M. Martin)
Выбери вариант, соответствующий содержанию текста, и обведи букву (а, b или с).
1. Granny, Grandpa, and Karen
a) went to town by car.
b) went to town by bus.
c) walked to town.
2. The town was
d) bigger than Karen’s home town.
b) smaller than Karen’s home town.
c) very big.
3. There was
a) cafe, a swimming pool, and a video shop in the town.
b) a toy shop and a pet shop in the town.
c) a shop, a bank, a restaurant, and a bus station in the town.
4. Karen liked
a) the restaurant.
b) the swimming pool.
c) the shop.
5. Granny, Grandpa, and Karen bought
a) trousers and a hat for Grandpa.
b) clothes and a hat for Karen.c) T-shirt for Granny.
6. Karen and her grandparents had lunch
a). in the small restaurant.
b) in the shop.
c) in the cafe

1 a 2 b 3 c 4 c 5a правильные ответы

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1. a) went to town by car.
2. b) smaller than Karen’s home town.
3. c) a shop, a bank, a restaurant, and a bus station in the town.
4. c) the shop.
5. b) clothes and a hat for Karen.
6. a). in the small restaurant.

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