Твір. Розкажіть класу про свою подорож до Одеси і ваша подорож по морю... На анг.мові 8 речень

During spring break we visited the hero-city Odessa. Gathered very cheerful company. For two days we visited the most beautiful place to enjoy the city. First day visited the catacombs. And we really liked this place. Having been in this underground maze, we felt the spirit of war, saw the emergence and existence of catacombs.

In the evening we found ourselves in another tale - we visited the opera and ballet. Even from a distance the building impressed us with their beauty and charm. We were viewing each piece of theater. And we learned about its history.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater - one of the best in Europe. Of course, we wanted to go inside this building. We watched the ballet "Giselle" and saw the extraordinary performances honored artists of Ukraine. We were impressed by the ability of artists, their ability to transmit the mood of his characters through dance. This white ballerina who allegedly flew across the stage, forced us amazed breath. We were very pleased with the evening program. The next day we visited many temples of different religions. We visited the Orthodox and Protestant churches, the Catholic kastoli, Jewish synagogue, mosque and Arabic. And we visited many beautiful places. We went to the street Deribasovskaya Street, climbed the stairs Potomkynskymy, visited the port, saw sea. And generally acquainted with the humorous, but at the time, and the military city of Odessa.

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