6. Past Continuous

Заполните предложения по смыслу глаголами из списка, которые нужно поставить в правильную форму: dance, watch, learn, do, wash up, ski, cook, make, speak, discuss, clean, lay, work

1. What __________ you __________ at 5 p.m.? - I __________ the room.
2. At that moment my teacher __________ over the telephone.
3. The mother asked her children not to make so much noise as the father __________ in the study.
4. Yesterday we __________ in the forest the whole day.
5. When I came to the party all the guests __________ .
6. What __________ you __________ at the meeting yesterday?
7. While Jane __________, Ann __________ sandwiches.
8. I __________ English grammar all day long yesterday.
9. While my mother __________ dinner I __________ the table.
10. My brother asked not to disturb him as he __________ a war movie.

1)were you doing, I was cleaning

2)was speaking

3)was working

4)were skiing

5)were dancing

6)were discussing

7)was washing up, Ann was making 

8)was learning

9)was cooking

10was watching

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