Напишите ответы на вопросы, так чтобы получился целый текст.
1. What did you buy? when did you buy it?

2. Why did you want to buy it?
3. What did you when you brought it home?
4. Was it easy to operate?
5. Did it make your life easier or more difficult?
6. How often do you use it now?

I bought a book on the last week. I bought it, because I like reading, and I have a library at home.  

When I got home ,  I started reading the book and when I finished reading I was surprised, I had   a lot of emotions. I think The book is changed my life, I understood that not so simple as it seems. I like reading a books every day, I like for example : detective stories, horrors, adventure, and many many another genre , as for me I think the book is the key to knowledge. 

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