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Product and Brand Management

Product managers are responsible for the marketing and development of products such as sports cars, insurance policies, and sporting goods. Product managers are both strategic and tactical.

Strategic because they responsible for positioning a product, assessing the competition and thinking about the future.

Tactical because they are in the field developing appropriate promotional campaigns, talking to reps about what customers want and think and doing the day-to-day sales tracking thats required for any major product category.

Product management professionals are excited about their ability to manage and strengthen brands. They are at the vortex of company life because their decisions directly affect the success of a business.

Product management professionals also tend to be on the leading edge of social and net culture. Understanding the consumers mind and the connection between consumer behavior and a brand is central to succeeding in this career area.

Product management requires high levels of problem solving skills and analytical abilities.

As in most marketing careers, presentation skills are a necessity. The ability to be persuasive will prove to be highly beneficial in building a coalition supporting your position and ideas.

To become a product manager you must obtain years of marketing and selling experience.

It is becoming more and more important to obtain an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree to become a product manager at a prestigious consumer products company.

Because of the requirements for substantial marketing and selling experience, and the growing need for a masters degree, pay for product managers can be very high. Its not surprising then that jobs in product management are more difficult to obtain than other marketing careers.

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Общий вопрос: Do product management professionals also tend to be on the leading edge of social and net culture?

Альтернативный вопрос: Must you obtain years of marketing and selling experience or years of studies to become a product manager?

Разделительный вопрос: Product managers are both strategic and tactical, arent they?

Специальный вопрос к подлежащему: Who are at the vortex of company life?

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