твір про корисну їжу на англійській 8-10 речень.

Man of the XXI century special, because living in extreme conditions, breathing polluted air, drinking water, which even the scary look to the toga we accustomed to poison themselves with medicines.
     Modern man almost no attention to their health, smoking, drinking alcohol. But its resources may not be inexhaustible. We accept mind only when already feel that more can not continue. No wonder they say: "Only then price health will know how to lose."
     As you know, man can not live apart from the environment. it needs oxygen, water, food, it is clear that human health is largely dependent on the environment and, of course, of what it consumes, ie food.
     Food - an integral part of man. Speaking of food culture, it means not only clean table with fork and knife and snow-white tablecloth - is, above all, the ability to eat balanced meals. If we ignore it, it certainly will have health problems.
     I try to follow the basic rules, which is key to health. But, unfortunately, not always. For example, do morning exercises regularly, although I know that it is useful. But water our whole family regularly buys because we drink only purified. Of course, a lot to learn throughout life, it is not to forget - my health in my hands.

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