Помогите написать текст на английском языке о пользе здорового сна.

The healthy sleep is a pledge of health and successes in career, and its absence is a true guarantee of decrease in work capacity and emergence of various diseases.

The dream – a certain physiological condition, requirement in which arises at the person regularly. This condition is characterized by relative absence of consciousness and activity of skeletal muscles.

The dream is a considerable and important part of the life of each person. During a dream our organism should be restored psychologically and physically, to be reserved by force and energy for the new working day.

For a healthy sleep 6-10 hours are required, and ideal consider 8 hours of a dream. Each person has an individual need for a dream, and it is necessary to define an optimum period for itself for which you get enough sleep, and to provide conditions for a healthy, high-grade sleep.

Councils for providing a high-grade and healthy sleep.

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