Переделайте следующие предложения в косвенную речь. 1) "1 have no time for lunch today," said the boy to his mother. 2) " Уои speak English very wel1," the woman said to те. 3) Му brother said to те, "1 am going to become а doctor." 4) Му uncle said to us, " 1 buy several newspapers every day." 5) The teacher said to the pupils, " Next year we sha11 have six hours of English а week." б) Не said to те, "1 want to see you today." 7} The student said, " 1 cant answer this question. 1 dont underst

1)The boy told his mother that he had no time for lunch that day. 

2)The woman told me that I spoke English very well. 

3)My brother told me that he was going to become a doctor. 

4)My uncle told us that he bought several newspapers every day. 

5)The teacher told the pupils that the following year they would have six hours of English a week. 

6)He told me that he wanted to see me that day. 

7)The student said that he could not answer that question because he did not understand it.

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