There is much snow in winter. There are 5 theatres in our city. There is no lift in our house. There are many new books in our library. There is little milk in the bottle. There are 3 rooms in our flat. There is a map on the wall. Записать одно отрицательное и одно вопросительное предложение с каждым предложением!!! (Используя только глагол to be!!!)

Is there much snow in winter?
there is nor much snow in winter

Are there 5 thetres in out town?
there are not 5 thetres on our city

Is there no lift in our house?
there is not no lift in our house

Are there many new books in our library?
there are not many new books in our library/
IS there little milk in the bottle?
there in nit little milk in the bottle
Are there 3 rooms in our flat?
there is not 3 rooms in our flat
IS there a map on the wall?
there is not a map on the wall


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