In Russia holds music festivals of various kinds. Often held rock festivals, are the participants from around the world. Festivals of classical music of different regions. Teens choose the most diverse music. Tastes differ. So peoples musical interests range from classic and rock music, which are extremely popular nowadays among young people. My favorite kind of music is rock and classic. When I start to listen to their music, my heart was beating and goosebumps. Classic music it gives me delight, pleasure and a sense of happiness. This music is also pushing for new thoughts and ideas. Проверьте, пожалуйста, на наличие ошибок.И исправьте...плиз

In Russia conducts the musical festivals of different kinds. Fate-festivals are often conducted, are participants from around the world. A festival of classic music is in different regions. Teenagers choose the most various music. About tastes does not argue. So folk musical range  of interests from classic and fate-music which is very popular in our days among young people. My favourite type of music is a fate and the classics. When I begin to listen their music, my heart of betsya is quick, and small ants hurry on a skin.

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