помогите пожалуйста вcтавить в пропуски:

about; at; in; of; on; up

1) Jenny got very upset ______ the broken vase yesterday.

2) I gave ________ smoking two months ago. I feel much better now.

3) Martin likes maths but he isnt very good __________ it.

4) The teacher told them to be quiet but they carried ___________ talking.

5) Lucy always turns ________ late for meetings.

6) You should be very proud ___________ these results. Theyre excellent.

7) Can you fill ____________ the car while I finish packing the cases?

8) You go to the exhibition. Were not that interested _________ 17th century art.

9) Ill pick you ___________ tonight. Is that OK?

10) Dont worry _______ the time. Well be there in five minutes.

1-at   2-on   3-about     4-up   5-of    6-up   7-on    8-on   9- about   10- at.

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