Part A. Choose the right variant.

My brother ____ at 5 o’clock yesterday.

A) wrote a test B) has written C) did write D) was writing

Who usually ____ to the shop in your family?

A) go B) does go C) goes D) is going

At this time tomorrow we ____ the film.

A) will be watching B) will watching C) will be watched D) will watch

Jack ____ the house yet.

A) doesn’t build B) has built C) hasn’t built D) didn’t build

We ____ Mrs. Smith yesterday.

A) didn’t meet B) weren’t meeting C) had met D) meet

What ___ thick dictionaries!

A) the B) - C) a D) an

My brother is ___ first-year-old student.

A) a B) the C) an D) –

___ office where I work is on ___ fifth floor.

A) an, the B) - , the C) -, - D) the, the

Your blouse is in ____ washing machine.

A) the B) a C) - D) an

Jane said she ____ tennis a week before.

A) didn’t play B) hasn’t played C) hadn’t played D) wasn’t played

I ____ Alex and Rosy recently.

A) saw B) had seen C) have seen D) was seeing

She ____ here for 7 months.

A) has been working B) have worked C) will have worked D) had worked

By 3 o’clock tomorrow she ____ washed up.

A) will be washed B) will be washing C) would wash D) will have washed

The train for Moscow ____ at 10.00.

A) will leave B) is leaving C) is going to leave D) leaves

If you ____ to me tomorrow I ____ you my new pictures.

A) come, will show B) will come, show C) came, would show D) will come, will show

Part B. Make one sentence using Complex Object.

They were crossing the street. I saw it.


You arrived so late. We didn’t expect it.


Mary washed the floor.

Mother made______________________________

She went to the shop. Granny wanted it.


He was swimming. We watched it.


Make the plural.

mouse ______________ sheep_______________ foot_________________ child________________ tooth________________

Give degrees of comparison.

wealthy_________________________________ useful___________________________________ gentle___________________________________ fat______________________________________ unhappy_________________________________

Part C. Translate into English.

Когда мой отец был моложе, он играл на фортепиано. В это время завтра я буду плавать в бассейне или играть в баскетбол. Мэри никогда не ест мясо. Она вегетарианка. Нина почувствовала, что кто-то дотронулся до ее руки. Я не заметила, как он вышел из комнаты. На этом острове растут различные цитрусовые фрукты. Когда я вернулась, Питер уже ушел гулять с собакой. Ольга сказала, что придет позже. Если ты не купишь билеты, мы не сможем увидеть новый фильм. Сегодня вечером мы смотрим футбольный матч.


Part 1

D, C, A, C, A, B, A, D, A, C, C, A, D, D, A


Part 2

I saw them crossing the street.

We didn’t expect you to arrive so late.

Mother made Mary to wash the floor.

Granny wanted her to go to the shop.

We watched him swimming.


Я видел, как они переходили улицу.

Мы не ожидали, что ты вернёшься так поздно.

Мама заставила Мэри помыть пол.

Бабушка хотела, чтобы она сходила в магазин.

Мы наблюдали за тем, как он плавает.



Mouse- mice

Sheep- sheep





Give degrees of comparison.

Wealthy –wealthier- the wealthiest

Useful – more useful – the most useful

Gentle- gentler- the gentlest

Fat- fatter- the fattest

Unhappy – unhappier- the unhappiest


Part C. Translate into English.

When my father was younger, he played the piano.

This time tomorrow I will be swimming in the pool or playing basketball.  

Marry never eats meat. She is a vegetarian.

Nina felt someone touched her hand.

I didn’t saw him left the room.

There are  different sorts of citreous fruits grow on this island.

When I returned, Peter had already left to walk the dog.

Olga said she would come later.

If you don’t buy the tickets, we won’t see a new film.

We are watching a football match this night.


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