по тексту 7-8 класс вопросы) пожалуйста помоги очень надо ) ♥

1. Jill and Mark are going to have some....a) juice b) tea c)hot chocolate

2. Jills got.....homework to do this weekend a) no b)a little c)a good deal of

3. Mark asks his sister to help him on....... a)Friday b)Saturday c)Sunday

4. Mark says he cant.....when the teacher explains a)make his head work b)understand anything c) listen

5. Mark is bad at..... a)Mathematics b)Physics c)History

6. Mark feels.....to ask his teacher for help a)happy b)ashamed c)angry

7. MArks sister helps him .... a)with pleasure b)willingly c)unwillingly

8. Jill wants Mark to......a)do homework by himself b) do her a favour c) be punished

9.Mark will have to improve his Maths as.... a)he wants to be the best in class b) he finds it very interesting c) it may be useful for his future job.

10. Jill is planning to finish her homework on.... evening a)Friday b)Saturday c)Sunday

с,в,а,с,а,короче еще десятое (с),

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