Part A. Choose the right variant.

My brother ____ at 5 o’clock yesterday. A) wrote a test B) has written C) did write D) was writing

Who usually ____ to the shop in your family? A) go B) does go C) goes D) is going

At this time tomorrow we ____ the film. A) will be watching B) will watching C) will be watched D) will watch

Jack ____ the house yet. A) doesn’t build B) has built C) hasn’t built D) didn’t build We ____ Mrs. Smith yesterday. A) didn’t meet B) weren’t meeting C) had met D) meet

What ___ thick dictionaries! A) the B) - C) a D) an

My brother is ___ first-year-old student. A) a B) the C) an D) –

___ office where I work is on ___ fifth floor. A) an, the B) - , the C) -, - D) the, the

Your blouse is in ____ washing machine. A) the B) a C) - D) an

Jane said she ____ tennis a week before. A) didn’t play B) hasn’t played C) hadn’t played D) wasn’t played

I ____ Alex and Rosy recently. A) saw B) had seen C) have seen D) was seeing

She ____ here for 7 months. A) has been working B) have worked C) will have worked D) had worked

By 3 o’clock tomorrow she ____ washed up. A) will be washed B) will be washing C) would wash D) will have washed

The train for Moscow ____ at 10.00. A) will leave B) is leaving C) is going to leave D) leaves

If you ____ to me tomorrow I ____ you my new pictures. A) come, will show B) will come, show C) came, would show D) will come, will show

Part 1

D, C, A, C, A, B, A, D, A, C, C, A, D, D, A

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