небольшой рассказ как провожу свободное время,и какие каникулы люблю больше зимние или летние

My name is.... To me... years. I am a schoolgirl... school class #... After study I have free time. I like to read, and to visit various museums,
theaters, and galleries. I very much love animals, and often I help of. Also I like to grow up plants.
I very much like to listen to weakening music. On days off I like to walk with the friends.
I spend the free time with advantage. 
Most of all I love summer vacations, because they the most long. On this vacation it is possible to do that you want, it isnt necessary to get up early, and it isnt necessary to do homeworks. It is possible to travel, be engaged in favourite sports or other hobbies. 

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