Read the letter and choose the right alternatives

Dear Ann,

I`m glad that you can come to Aberdeen in July. I`m sure you...(11) like it here.

I expect you`ll find it...(12) difficult to understand us in Scotland. We speak English, of course, but with a Scottish accent. We...(13) our own Scottish language, Gaelic. I can`t speak it. It`s very old and very difficult. Some people in the Western Isles still speak it.

Let me tell you a few things about Aberdeen. It`s the third largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh and Glasgow. It`s famous...(15) an oil town because there are a lot of oil rigs in...(16) North Sea. But don`t worry, the beaches are clean. You won`t be covered in oil when you...(17) out of the sea.

We live in a detached house not far...(18) the centre. It`s about twenty minutes...(19) bus. I`ve got a sister. She`s quite nice.

Well, I hope this information is interesting for you. Please write back and....(20) me about your family.

11. a) will b) are liking c) going to

12. a) little b) a little c) a few

13. a) have also b) have too c) also have

14. a) on b) at c) out

15. a) as b) like c) with

16. a) a b) the c) no article

17. a) would come b) will come c) come

18. a) near b) from c) at

19. a) by b) on c) in

20. a) say b) tell c) say to


11. a) will    

12. b) a little        

13. c) also have

14. a) on        b) at               c) out          (где 14 пункт в задании?)

15. a) as        

16. b) the            

17. c) come

18. b) from      

19. a) by        

20. c) say to

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