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Choose the words which correspond to the following definitions or pictures
1.a british word `pavement` in American English
a)sidewalk b)side line c)side street
2.a word or phrase that is difficult to say guicly and correctly
a)mouth twister b)language twister c)tongue twister
3.a daily record of events
a)diary b)dairy c)daisy
4.movement of people or cars along the street
a)traffic b)vehicle c)transport
5.not able to walk normally because of injury or defect
a)dumb b)humpy c)lame
6. to give somebody hope and confidence
a)to encourage b)to encroach c)to enclose
7. the flowers in picture are ... .
a)daffodils b)cornflowers c)dandelions (на картинке изображен одуванчик)
8. to be in a difficult or dangerous situation
a)to get into trouble b)to give up c)to interfere
9.(на картинке изображен осьминог) this sea creature is an...
a)oyster b)octopus c)otter
10. to stop attempting do something
a)to give away b) to give up c) to give off

1 a

2 c

3 a

4 a МОгу ошибатся

5 с

7 с

8 а

9 b

10 b

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